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Nelson Holsters - Caldwell County, North Carolina
Made in the USA..

My name is Ervin Nelson. I'm a former fire fighter/EMT of 13 years. My wife and I started a small family owned business several years ago making quality custom leather holsters.

It all started when I couldn't find a comfortable inside the waistband holster. I had bought and tried every available holster on the market. During this time, I came across K&D Holsters and purchased the Dakota Defender, and I was truly surprised because it was a pretty comfortable holster... more so than any other holster that I had tried, but it was still missing just a little something.

After giving it some thought, I made the decision to make a holster based on the design of Kevin Manley... the proprietor of K&D Holsters. I made a few little tweaks here and there, and when I finished this custom holster, is was without a doubt the most comfortable inside the waist band holster I have ever worn. It has become the holster that I carry my full size Beretta 92, 1911, XD 45 and Glock 17.

About five years later, I heard that K&D had closed there doors. I truly hated to hear that, and I wish them all the best!! So, I contacted Kevin and asked him if I could bring his holster design back with the design modifications I'd made. Kevin replied by saying...

"Nice to hear from you. With respect to making holsters I'm no longer making those nor do I intend to make any in the future. So you're free to do what you wish with respect to making one following our design. Best of luck to you. -- Regards, Kevin"

So here I am making holsters! incorporating the best design and features from Kevin Manley (K&D Holsters) and my own (Nelson Holsters). All my holsters are made exclusively from the best quality veg tan tooling leather I can find. Because I shop for the very best quality leather, my holsters may vary slightly in price; however, I will always pass any savings to my customers. Every aspect of Nelson Holster's are made by me and done by hand... the old fashioned way which produces the very best quality and longest lasting product available. Starting from the marking of a pattern, cutting it out, sewing it, wet molding, boning, burnishing, and every single step, including the finishing, is done by hand. You can rest assured your holster is extremely well made, very strong and ready for years of service.. that you will be proud to pass on from generation to generation if you choose to do so.

If you have any questions please send me an email at or a message from our contact us web page, or give me a call at (828) 729-3415.

My wife and I will be glad to help you in any way we can. We look forward to assisting you with your holster needs and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.


Ervin Nelson

About The Product

These are High Quality & Hand Stitched leather holsters, and accessories. Where most leather accessory manufacturers have gone to completely automated assembly systems, Nelson Holsters strives to stick with the age old tradition of ensuring the highest quality products; by cutting and stitching each piece of leather by hand. In doing this, they are able to ensure that each and every finished piece fits exactly as it is supposed to, before it ships to the customer.

Along with the many generic models that are available, Nelson Holsters also provides custom manufacturing of their holsters. This allows for the customer to receive a product that accommodates any customization/modifications that they have added to their firearm (i.e. flashlights, lasers, aftermarket sights).

Neoprene Backing

Advantages• Medical grade Neoprene
• Provides a soft cushion padding
• 100% waterproof barrier to block sweat (moisture)
• Has a sweat wicking material that covers the padding

Two protection layers

Keeps moisture away from your body so you don't get those uncomfortable hot spots associated with most IWB holsters

Once moisture passes through the sweat wicking material it is blocked from coming into contact with the leather and the firearm. (Basically, it's like a second layer of skin pulling the sweat from our bodies to keep us cooler and redirecting the moisture away from the gun.)

The same neoprene combination is used in many medical devices for comfort and moisture blocking abilities.


  • Daniel

All i can say about your new Phoenix holster is simply incredible, you have out done them all.

  • Billy Styles

Billy Styles I purchased the XCalibur holster a while back and was sceptical when it arrived as it was very firm but after a about 3 weeks of carry it broke in and man this is one heavy duty holster and its so comfortable I don't know how you combined such a feat. This holster will probably out last me. I even feel asleep with it on!! You just don't get a holster made this tough and it be so comfortable..but you did it and i'll be contacting you soon for more (soon as i sell of my current stock pile). Your work is top notch!

  • Tommy T.

Wow, your customer service blew me away! I wish eveyrone did business like you, and your work is the best I've ever seen. You have a new customer. Thank you for all your help.

  • Micheal Able

Your craftsmanship is awesome. You're going to be the next big name in the holster making business.

  • Jonathan

Dear Mr. Nelson I was a die hard K&D holster man until they went out of business so i was excited when i heard that someone bringing back their line of Dakota holsters, but i was totally surprised to see the quality of your work. You have by far surpassed the product K&D holsters made and your quality is so incredible. I am so happy to have found you.

  • Brent Howard

Well its been three months since we met and i picked my holsters up from you. First let me say DAMN your a BIG MAN, lol, and you have some of the widest shoulders I've ever seen. As for my new holsters..... I abosolutely love them. The retention, concealment and everything about them is great. I really enjoyed talking to you and your wife too. You are some of the nicest people I have ever met and I hope we can do it again soon. Good luck to you, my friend, you're going places. (Have you ever considered wrestling bears?)

  • Tim Honeycutt

I have been carrying full size combat handguns (1911's, S&W K and L frames, Glocks) since the 80's. I have used IWB and OTW holsters from half a dozen manufacturers. I am now proud to be using the Phoenix model by Nelson Holsters. This is one of the most adaptable designs I've ever used. We have used this model for a Glock 21 and a Taurus 608. Both of these guns are easily concealed due to the design features of of this versatile holster. The holster provides great support and snug fit to the body with no discomfort. The Phoenix presents a very small footprint and amazing comfort. There are days when I may carry a pistol up to 16 hours s day. The natural molding of the Phonix allows me to carry these full size pistols for these long hours with ease. Mr. Nelson's craftsmanship is without par. I have recommened these fine products to anyone who will listen. I can recommend them highly to anyone concerned about carrying real guns in the real world. Tim H. NRA Certified Instructor, NRA RO, IDPA SO, Civillan Instructor RRTC.

  • Les Hoot, Troysgate, Inc. - 9/2013

This is the best made leather holster I have ever come across. I was very surprised of the high quality, workmanship and the attention to detail. I figured there would be a significant break in period, but Ervin knew where to start and probably what I wanted, so it was ready to go when he handed it to me. I highly recommend a Nelson Holster to anyone that is seriously looking for a quality product at a very reasonable price... given the quality of the leather and workmanship alone, you would be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else. I'll be talking to you again for a holster for my next handgun. Thanks Ervin... best of luck and success!